nachhaltigkeit centro

Sustainability in and around Centro


The topic of sustainability and the use of renewable energy sources is characterized by an open exchange of views with many different aspects.

The operator of Centro, Unibail-Rodamco, is aware of its commitment to the environment and therefore focuses on sustainable concepts in its daily operations. As far back as the construction Centro, in addition to the planning requirements, the technical prerequisites for optimal energy use were also created, which were constantly optimized. These include environmental factors such as the protection of the ecosystem and the conservation of our resources, economic factors such as the use of energy-efficient technology to reduce our energy consumption and socio-cultural factors that increase the quality of your stay in the Centro.


Ecological Quality

Ecological quality is especially influenced by the use of energy in the manufacture of building materials and the use of the building. The emphasis is on protecting the ecosystem and conserving resources.


• Preferred use of local products

• Reduced CO² emissions through short transport routes

• Use of water-saving technologies

• concepts for waste prevention and waste separation

• Nationwide roof greening for environmental relief through rainwater infiltration

• Use of renewable energy sources


Economic Quality

Economic qualities include life-cycle costs and value stability. The main objective is to reduce operating costs through integrated planning.


• Natural ventilation system for energy-efficient free night cooling of the mall

• LED lighting in mall and car parks for energy savings of 35%

• Heat recovery in the ventilation systems

• Efficient control of systems by night and weekend lowering

• intelligent design of the floor plans to increase the area efficiency

• easy-to-clean surfaces and well thought out arrangement of the device reduce the cleaning and maintenance costs


Socio-cultural and Functional Quality

The socio-cultural and functional quality influences the well-being and performance of the people.


• Use of daylight in the mall through generous glass surfaces in the roof and on the facade

• Generous green area of the mall for effective air pollution control and a relaxed feel-good experience

• barrier-free access in the center

• Family-friendly thanks to pram-friendly entrances, baby-changing room and parent-child WC

• Recycling of batteries and writing instruments

• Customer-friendly and service-oriented facilities such as customer toilets, reception and center management


Technical Quality

The technical quality describes the quality of the building as well as the structural and technical facilities.


• special fire protection concept

• Emergency and evacuation concept

• Measures for noise protection z. B. a noise barrier


Process Quality

The process quality is characterized by a chain of all quality-related measures and processes during the planning, construction and operating phase, including all parties involved in the process.


• Extensive consideration of sustainability aspects in the planning and construction process

• Selection of the companies to be carried out according to sustainability characteristics

• Creation of a building pass

• Creation of a separate user and tenant handbook

• Quality assurance through documentation of all materials used